Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Whether you are hosting an in-person or virtual event, or assembling a team of fundraisers, raising funds for PWSA | USA is easy and fun! Rallying your “village” around your cause can be powerful and we’re here to help!

In just minutes and with four simple steps, you can launch a Hope United event to ensure that PWS families have the Family Support, Compelling Advocacy, and Cutting-Edge Research that create the brightest future possible.

We are excited to share several tips and tricks to support you in hosting a successful fundraiser:

  1. Be your first supporter - Give a personally meaningful gift to get things started and with it, share your inspiration with those you plan to solicit. It’s easier to make the first ask if you have already taken this first step.
  2. Use the Tools! - From easy-to-use email templates in our Participation Center to the one-click shares to social platforms like Facebook, we’ve built this platform to make things easy. There are so many ways to reach your supporters (friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc.)!
  3. ASK! & Remember your “Why” - Fun Fact…. Did you know that number #1 reason people don’t donate to a cause is…… because they aren’t asked! Whether you are asking in person, on an email, phone call, social media, or text, your story is powerful and your motivation compelling.
  4. Make it Personal - Open your heart and share a different part of your PWS story each week with a brief update to your page and a social post. Where has your loved one inspired hope? How has PWSA | USA been there for you on your journey? How has PWS changed your family in ways you didn’t expect?
  5. Thank donors - and make sure they know they are making a difference. Whether you call, send a text, or give them a shout-out on social media, it will make you both feel great!
  6. Don’t Leave Anyone Out - Near or far, best friends or acquaintances, current or former co-workers, close or distant family, church friends, book club, school contacts, and more. You can engage anyone no matter their capacity to give.
  7. Get Social - Did you know that fundraisers raise 40% more by using social media? Let all of your friends and followers know that you are raising money and share why the PWSA | USA is important to you. Use your social networks to drive traffic to your fundraising page. You can even TWEET about it!
  8. Follow-up! Did you know that it takes on average three asks to result in one gift? Ask and then ask again…… and don’t forget to thank you donor!
  9. Get creative! - Your event should be something you feel excited about, something that inspires others to give. Don’t see an event type that meets your needs? A team of problem-solving cheerleaders is standing by to help….
  10. We’ve got your back - Feeling intimidated? Or stuck? Need inspiration and support? Our team is standing by and happy to help you jump-start your campaign and cheer you on as you reach your goal! Email us at or call us at (941) 312-0400 and we can advise you or make a special time to help live by phone or Zoom.

Have questions or need additional support? We’re here to help!! Email or click HERE for inspiration!