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Tri-Harder for Belle

July 23, 2022

TriBoulder, Boulder CO


Our beautiful daughter Annabelle was born on June 9th 2021. She was absolutely perfect, and we couldn’t have been happier! However, after a few days in the hospital, it was becoming apparent that Belle had more difficulties than most. She wasn't feeding well and had very low muscle tone. She was giving us, the doctors and the nurses, more questions than answers. 
Those first weeks were terrifying. Not knowing was the worst part, the uncertainty of how she would grow, and what the future would hold was daunting. We went through some huge ups and downs, and were so fortunate to have each other, our families and our friends for support. When Belle was finally diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome, it actually came as a relief. It didn't change our love for our beautiful baby girl, it just gave us an idea of what could lie ahead. 
A few days later, we were able to bring Belle home after almost one month in the NICU. That first walk in the park, the first night in our home, and the first time she met her furry brother Pilot were treasured moments that were so overdue. 
Almost a year to the day later, on July 23rd, Greg and I will be taking part in an Olympic Triathlon (1500m swim / 26.4 mile bike ride / 6.2 mile run), in Boulder, Colorado to raise money for PWSA and we'd absolutely love your kind donations and support. 
Why? Because we want to help PWSA to help support others who have children born with this rare condition. PWSA provides crucial assistance to families living with PWS, and also helps raise awareness of this rare disease. They were there for us right at the beginning, when the future was very scary and uncertain. They were our beacon of hope and helped to connect us to the resources and community that we so desperately needed. 
I honestly feel like everything Greg and I have accomplished in our lives so far has set us up to be the best possible parents for Belle. We will always strive to give her every opportunity and all the support we can. 
PWS will shape our lives, but it will not define who Belle is, what she can do or what she will become. 
And maybe one day she might even take part in a triathlon herself...